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Emmaus Haiti Orphan Care


Emmaus Haiti (EH) committed to providing a safe and caring home for those in need in the rural and urban areas of Haiti . TheOrphanage,Emmaus Haiti House in Lagonave and at Delmas,by Emmaus Haiti (EH) is lovingly caring for the poorest of the poor in Haiti ,who have no one else. One of the more tragic results of deep poverty is the inability to care for children. It is our fervent desire to build more orphanages, schools and medical clinicsthe future in the rural and urban areas of Haiti .

Emmaus Haiti (EH) Health Care

In Haiti, what few health care services are available are also unaffordable for most families in the rural and urban areas of Haiti .Haiti (EH) providing basic medical care for our sponsored children in several zones of Haiti . We believe a healthy student is a more successful student to save the life of a person. !

At our largest school in Dupre, Delmas, Lagonave and Liancourt, we have a nutrition program in place which provides each child a hot meal at lunch each day sometimes when a child see that there is notmeal he cry o God we go to be starving . Our haitian doctors and nurses have seen a marked improvement in their health and attribute it to our food program in several programs and projects of Emmaus Haiti (EH) It is our goal to establish a food program in each of our schools in the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

Emmaus Haiti Crisis Relief

Haiti is the Poorest Country of the American Continent with the passage of the “Hurricane Gustav, Fay, Hana and Ike.” Eachthey areby multiple tropical storms and hurricanes in several areas of Haiti .a result, there is less food, more disease, decimated villages, and thousands of destroyed homes and gardens in the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

Throughefforts, homes and schools are rebuilt, food is distributed,assistance is provided for the victims.Compassionate peopleacross the Emmaus International , and beyond, donate to help withefforts to help the poor children , men and women in the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

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